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Fieldsports Ltd a company registered and based in Malta represents the main international brands involved in the manufacturing of Law Enforcement, Tactical and Military related products used for the maintenance of the rule of law. Due to ever changing environment and potential threats Fieldsports takes pride in supplying such products to authorities and entities involved in the maintenance of the rule of law insuring stability and tranqulity for society at large.  

We deliver products and services globally, and since our modest beginnings, we have grown into a leading security solutions provider. Whether the need is for firearms and ammunition, body armor, forensic equipment or less lethal solutions, Fieldsports meets the needs of customers with innovative and cost effective solutions.  

We recognise that only through innovation and outstanding customer service will we continue to stand out and lead the security industry. Our approach is to listen to our customers’ detailed requirements and answer by providing dependable, value added results.

Working responsibly and maintenance of standards matter a lot. The company’s integrity and longevity are founded on core principles that regard highly ethical, social and environmental governance. Creating long-term sustainable business can only be secured by delivering reliability and value for money for our customers.

The results are unequivocally effective and leading.          




Fieldsports Law Enforcement provides products and services globally, and has since its outset grown into a leading security solutions provider.



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